"How you run your body is how you run your business. That's the bottom line."


Our primary service has been providing on-site corporate chair massage. Keeping with our mission to educate on the parallels between our bodies and business, we initially designed our conflict resolution package entitled “The Body Business Parallel” for corporations and businesses. Now we also offer this 6 session series for schools, & nonprofit organizations.  The uniqueness & effectiveness in our approach includes dynamic facilitators connecting one’s dream & goals with one’s strengths & values, boundaries & beliefs.


On-site Corporate Chair Massage with Corporate Touch Massage and Wellness originated in coffee shops and salons on the Northwest side of Indianapolis as well as downtown at MT Cup on Mass Ave and Nordstrom at Circle Centre.

Noticing it is human nature and thus corporate nature to be reactive instead of proactive, Corporate Touch Massage and Wellness began in 1998 serving the Corporate Indianapolis area in response to an identified need – the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the employees — which affects everyone.


Improves focus and morale

Helps clear the mind


Effectively assists in managing stress

Reduces tension increasing productivity


provided on-site on a recurring basis, most often serves to identify and alleviate areas of physical pain and tension, but also offers the opportunity to slow down and take a mental break from busy technology-filled days.


Our conflict resolution package, “The Body Business Parallel”, can be a value-added part of a corporate replenishment strategy.

Identifies intangible painful areas that may warrant further tools outside the workplace.

Addresses the negative effects of stress and burnout acknowledged by the medical community and human resources.

Protects both the company’s return on investment and also the company’s most valuable asset – its people.

Offering on‐site or off‐site services such as chair massage & our “Body Business” conflict resolution package, are valuable in maximizing the health of your organization, not just your bottom line. The parallel is there between bodies and business!

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