Reactive Management leads to ‘machinery’ breakdown and delays in production – which ultimately leads to decreased customer satisfaction along with increased costs – healthcare costs when the machinery is people.
True wellness is more comprehensive than the absence of pain (breakdowns); however, pain management is part of worksite wellness and a healthy workplace.
Pain, no matter what the cause will always lead to less productivity at work.
Why do employees stay home from work? Typically it is largely due to some form of pain. It is obvious that performance is down if you aren’t at work; however, research shows that more time is lost from employees performing under capacity than is lost from them staying at home.

”How you run your body is how you run your business That’s the bottom line.

Corporate Touch Massage and Wellness is committed to assisting you with your commitment to be more than ‘lip service’ to wellness. Proactively, planning to stand still is far better than an abrupt standstill after a breakdown. Chair massage is vital to individuals balancing their personal and professional commitments.  Conflict resolution is vital to the health of your organization and your employees personally and professionally — there is a parallel between our bodies and business!
In our conflict resolution package, The Body Business Parallel, you will identify your dreams and goals and see how they are connected to your Strengths.  Your unique set of talents can trigger conflict, the need for change & negotiation.
How you resolve issues triggered by this uniqueness or don’t resolve issues is based on your values, boundaries & beliefs.  Accepting differences and understanding how your brain handles stress not only takes the “charge” off of addressing negative emotions but actually provides the opportunity to safely gain fulfillment in being a true team player.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

If your organization has a traditional EAP these significant life issues may be addressed individually and in confidence there.  Corporate Touch Massage & Wellness addresses work/life benefits by offering a team version of EAP which stands for:

  • Encouragement

  • Accountability

  • Principles

Corporate Touch Massage and Wellness strives to adhere to our EAP model as it can be applied both personally (our bodies) & professionally (our business) and can be addressed in our Body Business Parallel Module. Benefits are achieved by sharing values and boundaries.
Similar to chair massage being the front end identifier of painful areas in our physical body, The Body Business Parallel & our EAP model is a ‘front end’ identifier of intangible painful areas that may warrant further tools outside of the workplace.